Boost sales with these November restaurant marketing ideas

Boost sales with these November restaurant marketing ideas

Looking for November restaurant marketing ideas? Search no more. We’ve listed some that you can use to spice up your menu and services.

The month is filled with spectacular food awareness events and holidays that will surely attract more customers and boost your sales.

From Vegan Month to Black Friday, you have many options to choose from. You can find one that best suits your restaurant and target customers.

And when planned and executed with a QR code menu software, you can guarantee that your restaurant will run smoothly, giving people a dining experience that will satisfy them.

November marketing ideas for your restaurant menu

While everyone is up and celebrating for the last two months of the year, you can’t go wrong by taking things slowly and honoring these November event ideas. 

Vegan Month

Vegan menu QR code
Sample of a vegan menu QR code

November is World Vegan Month. Businesses across various industries take part in raising awareness about animal cruelty and supporting an animal-free diet for consumers.

You can take this opportunity to create a special vegan cuisine menu in your restaurant to participate in the celebration.

An excellent way to commemorate this event is to eliminate dairy and animal products from your menu. You can use vegetable alternatives to substitute the missing ingredients in your recipes.

With MENU TIGER QR code menu software, you can easily update your menu and add a vegan section.

Inform your customers about the changes on your menu by posting a banner on your social media profiles about your support for World Vegan Month. 

Veterans’ Day

Burger for veterans' day
Sample campaign for Veteran's Day

Express your profound gratitude to the heroes who bravely fought for the country’s independence.

As a tribute, offer discount vouchers to veterans and their families as part of your November restaurant marketing ideas.

On your interactive menu QR code system, you can highlight food items with discounts for veterans. You can even create a whole section specially designed for them.

Make their dining experience even better and more convenient with a WiFi QR code that can easily provide them with Internet access.

National Happy Hour Day

Happy hour QR code menu
Sample Happy Hour QR code menu

What’s November without a celebration of Happy Hour Day, right? You can have one in your restaurant to provide your target customers with your best beverages.

Here’s one of the November marketing ideas for your bar: curate a special interactive menu for the day and offer an all-out beverage spree. You can also update the prices of the beverages on your menu for the event. 

Aside from that, you can also hire a professional bartender to create the best drinks just for your customers! Hiring a celebrity DJ for a more celebratory Happy Hour experience makes it even more exciting.

Black Friday

Black Friday promotion
Graphical representation of Black Friday promotion

Who says Black Friday is only for retail shops? You can take this chance to keep an eye out for hungry shoppers and offer the best deals in your restaurant.

MENU TIGER can help you operate seamlessly on this busy holiday. This digital QR code menu software and restaurant order system allows you to cater to customers through contactless transactions.

Update the prices of food items that you’ll offer at a discounted price. You can also create a special Black Friday menu with limited-time offers.

The software can also promote fast table turnover since customers can simply scan the QR code for various functions: browsing the menu, placing orders, and paying & tipping.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving banquet
A Thanksgiving banquet

Expect a surge of customers during Thanksgiving Day in your restaurant. While others prepare their turkeys at home, some prefer to dine out or order food to save time and avoid chores.

Take this chance to offer the best Thanksgiving Day deals that entice customers to dine in. Offer a well-curated interactive menu with each dish to leave their mouths watering.

Include the traditional roasted turkey, an apple and cinnamon casserole, a mixed green salad, and a dessert pie on your menu.

Use MENU TIGER to set the catering service schedule for Thanksgiving Day, then share your restaurant’s opening and closing times on your website and social media pages. 

Other restaurant marketing ideas for 2022

Here are other November event ideas you can implement in your business:

National Cappuccino Day

Cappuccino menu
Cappuccino cups

A cup of coffee never fails to brighten people’s day. Add caffeinated drinks to your interactive menu QR code. Offer cappuccinos, mochas, and lattes that can be hot or iced.

Use this opportunity to offer a freebie to your cafegoers who have pets. Give their furbabies a pup cup when they purchase any of your coffee offers.

Puppuccino is safe for animals because it contains no caffeine or tea. There is nothing but pure whipped cream.

National Gingerbread Day

Gingerbread menu
Gingerbread basket

Enjoy the gingerrific celebration of National Gingerbread Day with different gingerbread pastries and recipes in your restaurant and cafe.

Most people associate gingerbread with the edible house that Hansel and Gretel found or the pastry that came to life. It is made from ginger, spices, honey or molasses, and pieces of bread.

You can host a gingerbread house-making contest in your restaurant and invite customers to join the competition. Link your social media profiles to your QR code menu software account and post invitation cards about the competition on your business profile. 

National Espresso Day

Espresso menu QR code
A sample of Espresso menu QR code

Celebrate the rich and robust flavors of aromatic coffee during National Espresso Day. Offer a double shot espresso for the price of one in your cafe during this holiday. 

Espresso gained notoriety in Turin, Italy, where it was used to bolster the resolve of weary laborers in 1884. This beverage is now known worldwide.

It is also best consumed with steamed milk and is a favorite among coffee drinkers under the name “coffee latte.”

Other recipes also pair well with espresso! It’s also an ingredient for desserts that customers will appreciate during the holiday in your cafe or restaurant.

In your pantry, you can prepare chocolate caramel, espresso biscuits, brownies, and mocha mousse.

National Cake Day

Cake on the table
A cake on the table

Cake first appeared in Ancient Greece and Egypt around 1200. The earliest cakes, with almonds and honey, were a bit heavy and flat. As a symbol of reverence, love, and respect, it is said that cakes were for the gods.

Classify your cakes and pastries as the focus of this unique holiday using the interactive menu QR code function of MENU TIGER.

You can put various types of cake in your interactive menu, from cheesecakes and velvet cakes to baklava, and make this one of your restaurant marketing ideas for 2022.

Make your cake and pastry category a top priority and offer your consumers a variety of cake slices at a discount.

National French Toast Day

French toast
French toast on the table

Heat up your pans and prepare for an all-day French toast extravaganza in your cafe on National French Toast Day. 

Every breakfast becomes ideal thanks to the French toast. It consists of bread dipped in eggs, milk, and cinnamon. This savory-sweet dish is typically served with a sausage or bacon strip, a fresh juice glass, and butter and syrup drizzled over it.

During this memorable holiday, make this breakfast staple available at your café! Include this delicious savory-sweet breakfast item in your interactive menu to draw clients in and encourage them to order one at a discounted rate.

Integrate November restaurant marketing ideas with your interactive QR code menu

Never miss out on the fun and offer the best dining experience in your restaurant using MENU TIGER QR code menu software. 

Remember to register for an account and organize your customer services for November.

Claire Bagabuyo

Claire Bagabuyo

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