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QR Menu Guide: Simplifying Dining with QR Codes

Using a QR code based restaurant menu can promote seamless operations, excellent services, and a convenient dining experience. 

Customers can order and pay through their smartphones, giving them a fast and efficient ordering and payment method. 

It also maximizes the staff’s productivity during the busiest peak times, even if you are short-staffed, optimizing kitchen operations.

In addition, having a QR code based restaurant menu can assist you in promoting special offers and new food items and manage your menu better to gain more profit.

There’s so much you can do when you have a QR code menu in your business. So, to know more about QR code based restaurant menus, read further.

What is a contactless menu QR code?

pub menu qr code

QR code menu is a virtual version of a physical menu card. They are usually printed on table tents and displayed on tables. But you can also see them in spots that are easily accessible, such as on windows, walls, and sandwich boards.

To scan the QR code menu, point the device’s camera at the QR code and wait for the redirection link to appear. After that, you can then access the menu.

But this digital solution can do more than showing menus. You can also use this to let your customers place orders, pay, and add tips—a completely contactless transaction.

This is why a QR code based restaurant menu can greatly help your restaurant.

What are the two kinds of QR code menus?

The QR code menu has two different types: a view-only menu and an interactive QR code menu. 

To know the difference between these two, take a look at the following comparison:

View-only QR code menu

restaurant view-only menu qr code

This QR code solution redirects to an image of your menu. Your customers can then see this image on their smartphones after scanning the QR code.

But since they can only view the image menu, they cannot place orders and pay for them. Diners still need to call a server to cater to their orders. Also, they have to settle the payments manually.

You can create a view-only menu QR code with a PDF or JPEG file using a QR code software like QRTIGER.

Interactive QR code menu

interactive restaurant qr code menu

The interactive QR code menu is an intuitive QR-powered solution that lets customers place orders and settle payments directly from their mobile devices.

With an interactive QR code menu, customers don’t have to rely on the full assistance of the servers. 

Also, it reduces the risk of touch points between customers and staff, which can help in avoiding the spread of viruses.

Why are restaurants using QR code menus?

restaurant menu qr code

In the quest to provide customers with a safe dining experience, QR codes for restaurant menus became more popular when the pandemic occurred.

The QR code ordering method minimizes guest and staff interaction since customers diners don’t need to call on the servers to place orders because they can do it using their mobile devices. This process also saves restaurant workers the time, hassle, and expense of disposing of a single-use menu and sanitizing menus after every customer’s use.

Furthermore, a survey in 2020 conducted by Statista (with respondents from the United States and the United Kingdom), revealed that 46.75% of the respondents agreed to continue using QR codes.

With almost half of the participants who preferred to continue using QR codes, this implies that restaurants may adopt them now.

To discuss further why restaurants use QR code menus, we listed the advantages of incorporating them.

Speed up the ordering process

In the traditional method of placing orders, customers need to wait for their turn to place orders while they wait for the servers to come to their respective tables.

menu qr code feature

But with an interactive QR code menu, you can reduce wait time since they can place orders and pay directly from their smartphones without the server’s presence. Diners can also choose menu items faster because each food item comes with a complete description, which includes ingredient warnings, preparation time, and labels such as “new,” “bestseller,” and “sold out.”

This speeds up the whole ordering process, increasing customer satisfaction. 

A report states that customers who wait less than two minutes for an order are more likely to return to the same eating place. With fast and satisfactory service, it can increase customer loyalty.

Reduce order errors 

Miscommunication is one of the common issues that occur in a restaurant or diner/cafe. There are instances when kitchen staff make the wrong dish because the server misheard the customer’s order.

These slip-ups can bring a bad image to your brand and may affect your customer count. But menu QR codes can reduce such occurrences with the mobile ordering method.

Mobile ordering reduces order errors because customers can review the list of items they add to the cart before placing their orders. 

This method prevents miscommunication between diners and servers, increasing customer satisfaction.

Increase customer loyalty 

Good food must come with outstanding customer service. A SalesForce study on Customer Service found that 81% of customers are more likely to visit again if they are satisfied with the service.

Using a QR code menu can make your guest satisfied with fast access to the menu, pay via mobile phone, and give tips, all from the comfort of their smartphones.

Completing transactions using a mobile phone can streamline the entire process, resulting in a more relaxed dining experience.

Better data for customer retention 

A digital menu solution allows customers to explore the menu thoroughly. This lets you have a better customer database of their preferences, which enables you to curate methods on how to boost their loyalty.

For instance, you can analyze each customer’s ordering pattern by looking closely at the data on their order history. Hence, you can efficiently manage your menu for profitability.

A digital menu system allows you to collect customer data like email addresses, which you can use for email campaigns to alert them about upcoming promotions and events.

Helps increase revenue

digital menu ordering solution like MENU TIGER has a built-in restaurant website where you can run scheduled promotions. 

Also, in your digital menu, you can structure your digital menu into a profitable one by highlighting high-profit margin items, adding modifiers, cross-selling, and labeling food items.

These features can help you boost revenue if you utilize them correctly. 

MENU TIGER: The Advantages of Using the Best QR Code Menu for Restaurants

MENU TIGER is one of the QR code menu generators on the market today. 

This restaurant menu management solution is suitable for restaurants of all sizes because it’s affordable and easy to use.

To know more about MENU TIGER, here are some of the benefits of this tool:

Has “Optional” and “Required” modifiers to increase revenue

modifier feature interactive menu qr code

Adding choices and add-ons to your menu is one way that you can increase a customer’s check size.

MENU TIGER has features that allow you to add modifiers and upgrade customer orders. To provide a better customer experience, you can choose whether the add-on of a particular food item is “Optional” or “Required.”

Customizable QR codes with logo to increase brand identity 

customize menu qr code

It’s time to level up your black and white QR code into an eye-catching one by adding colors to it. Using MENU TIGER, you can customize your menu to make it unique.

When customizing the QR code, you can choose from options like the date pattern, eye pattern, colors, and frames. Lastly, add a call-to-action phrase in your QR code, like “Scan for menu,” to prompt diners.

You can display QR codes on each table with unique designs to make it look attractive to diners. Plus, you can add logos to the center of it to increase brand awareness.

Manages multi-location stores in a single account 

stores in menu qr code

Another benefit of using MENU TIGER is its ability to manage multi-location restaurants in one account, which makes the task easier for admins to monitor every store’s performance.

You can set up the menu for each restaurant location on the dashboard. If ever you need to implement menu updates, you only have to choose the store location where you wish to update the menu.

Customizable menu that reflects the brand personality

The way you portray your brand personality is important for everyone because it is how people perceive you. That’s why when designing your menu, its design must reflect your brand personality. 

The good thing is that MENU TIGER enables users to speak about their brand personality on how to customize a QR code menu. You can choose from the different color schemes and font styles and upload images.

Hence, you can make your restaurant unique and impressive in the eyes of the people.

Easy monitoring of a restaurant’s performance with revenue analytics 

Taking down or inputting revenue data is no easy task as you can commit errors, especially when doing them manually. 

However, when you use a digital menu like MENU TIGER, this process can be effortless because the software has revenue analytics, order analytics, and customer analytics that you can access in just a few clicks.

Furthermore, you can download this data for reports and other purposes. Hence, this intuitive software will help you analyze data to create innovative solutions to improve daily sales and revenues.

Hear what customers say using the customer feedback feature

Generating feedback from the customer can help you identify the areas where you need to improve. 

Thus, you can continue practicing the areas where you excel and invent ways that can improve operations.

You can understand customers better and make them feel valued by acknowledging their voice. As a result, it can boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty.

Menu translation feature

Menu translation features can help you show hospitality to your customers, especially foreign diners who are first-time visitors to your restaurant.

Customers who speak their native language, like Portuguese, Indonesian, French, Arabic, Hindi, Dutch, English, or Spanish, can place their orders without having the staff translate the menu.

Also, this feature adds value to customer service, which can pave the way for customers to build trust in your brand.

MENU TIGER: The best QR code menu software for restaurants

QR code-powered restaurant menus can bring plenty of benefits to food business establishments. 

With the list of advantages mentioned, it is built with the thought of providing the F & B industry with a smooth business flow.

Digital menus like MENU TIGER can reinforce common issues like labor shortages, manage menus effortlessly, increase sales by running promotions and improve customer satisfaction.

If you don’t have a QR code menu yet, register with MENU TIGER now and enjoy the 14 days free trial. No credit card is needed.

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